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♫ Kids ‘n' Music conducts customised Professional Development Music Workshops. One of our fun team members will come to you and run a music session with your staff. Sessions include singing, percussion playing, movement and laughter! All songs have a therapy focus of either occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, kinesiology or yoga

♫ Our Professional Development Music Workshops are designed for...

• early childhood teachers
• special education teachers
• education assistants
• therapists (OT, SP, Physio)
• parents of children with special needs
• anyone working or living with children 0-8 years of age


♫ The Professional Development Music Workshop includes a variety of visual and tactile props that are used to engage and motivate children. Examples include bubbles, streamers, scarves, percussion instruments, squeeze balls, jumping sacks, play dough, scrunchies, Rainbow Rings and Tactile Rings, dolls, brushes, balloons, beanbags, hand puppets etc. We also provide a variety of fine motor and gross motor activities in our music sessions

♫ Workshops are two hours in length and cost $600 (includes GST)

♫ We require electricity for our stereo and a large area for movement (preferably carpeted)

♫ Should you wish to provide afternoon / morning tea for your staff, there will be a 15 minute break before the session commences and a five minute break in the middle of the workshop

♫ Travel expenses may need to be discussed depending on the location of the workshop. Rural and interstate workshops will need to be discussed individually

♫ Information on Professional Development Music Workshops, Kids ‘n' Music Educator Training, Music Classes for 0-4 year old children, Incursions and Resources as well as a ‘look and listen' to the You Gotta Get Up series by Leonie Cecich (B. Ed) is available at

♫  Please phone Kids ‘n' Music on 9293 4221 or 0417 883 119, explore our website or email for more information!


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