You Gotta Get Up 1

Squeeze the Ball (YGGU 1)

OT Focus

A fun activity using a variety of squeeze balls to help improve hand and finger muscle tone. Have children sit with a partner or in a large circle and start the song with a small squeeze ball in each hand.


You Gotta Get Up (YGGU 1)

Physio Focus

A large area is needed for walking, skipping, creeping and running. Thigh muscles get a workout when children 'drop' into a squat at the end of each verse.


Can You Blow a Kiss?(YGGU1)

SP Focus

A fun vocal exploration song that includes poking tongues out, blowing tissues off hands, blowing raspberries, screaming, making indian calls and, of course, blowing kisses.


I Want Some More (YGGU 1)

SP Focus - Keyword Signing - Auslan (and Makaton) based

A great introduction to signing. The sign is described before each verse to help children prepare for what is coming next. The keyword is repeated three times in each sentence, allowing children success and a chance to practise their signing skills.


Lets Walk Along The Line (YGGU 1)

Physio Focus

A fun 'beam' or line walking activity that gets children to walk with their feet closer together, walk on their tiptoes and walk on their heels. A large, masking tape rectangle on the ground will assist children with their feet placement. Changing direction at the end of each verse is always a challenge!


Streamers Go Up (YGGU 1)

SP/OT Focus

A calming song that allows streamers to gracefully float through the air. Reinforces 'up', 'down' and 'around' concepts. A great visual hand-eye co-ordination activity. Swap the streamer into the other hand during the song. Turning the lights off and using a bubble machine creates a calmer and magical atmosphere...


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