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Kids 'n' Music was created by Leonie Cecich in 2002 after she discovered that her son Jayden loved music! Jayden was born with Down syndrome and ADHD.


Being a Primary School Music Specialist (B.Ed), Leonie soon realised that Jayden responded well to both therapy and early intervention  through music and started writing music to assist his development.


Leonie's journey led her down the path of composing music to help reinforce therapy concepts (occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, kinesiology, relaxation and psychology) to help assist with early intervention in a fun and funky way!

Leonie is the director of Kids ‘n’ Music and the composer and author of the You Gotta Get Up series. Leonie was awarded the National Award for Excellence in School Music Education in 2008 and the Early Childhood Intervention Australia Excellence Award in 2012.


Jayden is now 22 years old - and still loves music!


Leonie Cecich

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