You Gotta Get Up 3

Imagine the Sea (YGGU 3)
Physio/Psych Focus
A haunting relaxation song that describes the moods of the sea. Turn the lights off and have children lie on the floor. Use large lengths of shiny, light material to wave above the children. A bubble machine can also add to the atmosphere…


Start Left, Go to the Right (YGGU 3)
OT Focus
A kinaesthetic approach to help reinforce pre-writing shapes. Children sit in a line or in a circle and ‘draw’ the shape onto the back of the person in front of them. This song is a lot of fun and uses ‘rubbing’ out the shape to assist relaxing the hands in preparation for the next shape!


Can I Please? (YGGU 3)
SP Focus
Teaches children to ask permission using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ - and to accept that the answer to their request might be ‘no’. Auslan sign language can be used to reinforce the language and concepts in this song.


Dancing Dad (YGGU 3)

SP Focus

A funky way to practise tricky consonants! Uses matching 'voice on/voice off' pairs - d/t  b/p v/f g/c and z/c. A perfect combination when used with Cued Articulation. Photocopiable line drawings of each picture also included in the book as a visual motivator.


Poppy the Puppet (YGGU 3)

OT/Kinesiology Focus

Uses a hand puppet to motivate children to cross their midline by reaching to their ears, shoulders, ribs, knees and toes. Lots of creative dances moves can happen in the chorus!


Put on Your Happy Face (YGGU 3)

OT Focus

Each verse describes the facial and emotional differences when feeling angry, frightened, sad or happy. You can't help but feel happy when singing the chorus of this song!


Finger Jive (YGGU 3)

OT Focus

Tap individual fingers onto each thumb to help strengthen finger muscles. The 'finger jive' and 'high five' in the chorus help the hands to relax before tapping the next finger.


Hooray! It's Christmas!

OT/SP Focus

A catchy, fun song for Christmas that uses bells, drums, maracas and claves.


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